Jul 30



Is it just me or is summer FLYING BY!? 

As we near August, I wanted to share a few tips on how to find balance when enjoying summer travels / indulgences. I remember when I used to have a disordered relationship with food and exercise. I would prioritize working out rather than enjoy my time off and I wouldn't provide my body with the enjoyment and nourishment it needed to really thrive. Summer is about being outside, enjoying yourself and relaxing! 

If your goal is to create a HEALTHY relationship with food and working out, allow yourself to let go - however that looks for you! Whether that looks like not working out one day to instead go to the beach with loved ones or getting a slice of your favorite dessert at dinner. Restriction is not sustainable and often leads to an extreme rebound; focus on balance, not exclusion! 

I hope you’re having an amazing summer! That being said, make sure to stay tuned for upcoming announcements because we’ve got something exciting brewing that’s about to make it even better ;)