T — F Studio is your online Pilates studio to transform your mind & body.

With live & on-demand videos, these workouts are created for every body, using minimal space, time and equipment. At T — F Studio, we believe that health starts from the inside-out, which is why we also incorporate mindfulness techniques such as meditation and breathing practices to help you work towards the best version of yourself.

We cater for all kinds of abilities, moods and objectives. With our filtering functionality, you can choose from workouts from beginner to advanced, pregnancy-friendly, Pilates Cardio, Pilates Strength… and we are adding to this every week!

T — F Studio was created by was created by Pilates expert, certified health coach & model Tasha Franken. Tasha’s dynamic method of Pilates reduces cortisol & inflammation to create a long & sculpted body in a quick & effective workout.

Underwhelmed and frustrated with what was available, she developed a specific style of her own: to create lengthened & toned muscles using Pilates based exercises, that add tone without bulking and focus on lateral breathing to reduce cortisol & inflammation in the body.

As a T — F Studio member, you'll have access to 600+ on-demand workouts, LIVE classes, specialized programs and meditation guides carefully designed to make you look and feel your best.

You can expect: unlimited workouts for just $0.46 per day, monthly programs, weekly schedules, new classes every Monday and Friday, regular live workouts and chats, private Facebook group with our community.

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Many of our signature programs such as the Pilates — Cardio, Pilates — Strong and more are included in all memberships.

Other exclusive programs, such as the KG X TF program and Glow Up program are available for purchase in the app.

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We publish a new schedule each week to help you stay consistent and take out the decision of choosing what workout to do each day. We carefully create each schedule to target different muscle groups and increase variety for all levels.

The weekly schedule is published in our Instagram stories (, the weekly newsletter (subscribe here) — and of course, in the T — F Studio app!

Yes! T — F Studio has classes for all fitness levels. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you will feel the benefits. Each video provides options for modifying the exercises more moderate or challenging - with equipment or without - so you can choose what works for you!

Please note that we do not guarantee that any of the workouts will be suitable for any specific medical condition. As always, listen to your body, modify exercises as necessary, and prioritize your well-being throughout your fitness journey.

All of the workouts can be done without equipment. While we will suggest equipment for each workout, you can modify without or follow the recommendation for other items to use as a replacement. You can also filter classes by equipment, to help you choose the best workout for you based on what you have (and how much space you have!) available. To complement your T — F Studio classes, with equipment carefully designed for you to have your best workout.

Whether you’re at home, traveling or working out at the gym, T — F Studio mobile workouts are available on the go. Just open up the website on your smartphone or tablet, and you're ready to start. Stream from your mobile device or tablet via the app store, your desktop computer via website or cast onto your TV using an Apple TV.

Add your favorite classes or track the videos you've completed by using the "My List" function in the app. Simply select the plus sign icon at the top right corner of the video screen and the class will be saved to your library.

We have a pregnancy-friendly category designed especially to support you during this time. You can find the category within the app.

Please note, whilst these classes have been carefully designed, before starting any fitness program during pregnancy, it's essential to consult with your healthcare provider to ensure that the exercises are safe and suitable for your individual needs and health condition. We do not make any guarantees that the workouts will be suitable for any specific medical condition. Listen to your body, modify exercises as necessary, and prioritize your well-being throughout your fitness journey.

Whilst most videos are available with a regular membership, a few select programs are exclusively sold separately. You can buy these on the website

New videos are released each week on Mondays and Fridays, as well as a new weekly schedule so you can save the decision-making and focus on getting the most of your time by following the plan.

Simply open the app, search for any kind of video and click the “filter button”. From there you can narrow down our huge library of 600+ videos by choosing your desired duration, targeted body part, equipment, where you are in your cycle, experience level or class style.


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