Jul 23



My gym workout routine!

I always get asked what I do at the gym and quite honestly, I know it’s not very exciting to hear but I do the exact same workouts as I would do at home…the ONLY difference is the environment! After years of working out at home/filming/training clients (all in the same space) I signed up for a gym membership to create a bit of separation from “work” for me to workout for myself. I do the same mat Pilates workouts I typically do at home (which I share on T — F STUDIO) paired with a 30 min treadmill walk and the occasional jump rope.
Instead of following the latest trend and feeling overwhelmed or stressed, try different things and find what works for you! 

Then stick with it and be consistent!

For me that’s Pilates with walking & jump rope, I’ve never felt better! I used to try everything - all the different classes and workouts but now I don’t care what anyone else is doing, or what the latest fitness trend is I just mind my own business and do my Pilates :)

No gym? No problem! When I'm on the go I love to use the On The Go category for travel friendly workouts inside of T –– F Studio. These classes require no equipment, as well as minimal time and space.

What does your gym routine look like? What works for you?