Jan 16




I’ve been trying to find a name for my latest obsession and I’ve landed on habit stacking! Have you heard of it?

Essentially you take daily habits you already do and stack on something new that you’ve been wanting to get into. An easy way to do this is think of a couple of daily tasks, it could be as simple as walking, brushing your teeth or reading. How can you add an additional benefit to things you’re already doing daily? 


Well… This is where habit stacking comes in!

Here are some examples of what I’m currently really into!

— Brushing my teeth & standing on an acupressure mat
— Meditating while wearing my red light mask and laying on a PEMF mat
— Listening to a podcast on my daily walks

It doesn’t have to be complicated! Just like with working out, consistency is key! Find easy ways to incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine so that they don’t feel like a chore!

What have you been wanting to add to your daily routine but struggling to find the time to ACTUALLY do?

Since habit stacking I have never been more consistent with meditating and using my mats and mask, I look forward to it because I feel like I’m getting so much done in such a short time. If you're participating in the PILATES — STRONG challenge, I really encourage you to stack a meditation or journal session onto your workouts each day :)