Jan 23

Tips for Boosting Mood

Tips for Boosting Mood

Let's talk mood boosters & feeling good in your mind and body!

So often we place emphasis on what we look like, rather than how good we feel. In my own journey with movement I've learned that the true transformation comes from focusing on small habits that boost my mood and help me feel my best, rather than trying to look a certain way. 

Doing something small every day that boosts your mood (like doing a pilates class & eating simple nutritious foods) lays the foundation for long term benefit and transformation. When you shift your focus from looks to the small actions that make you feel good, those habits become a part of your routine and lifestyle without making things too complicated!

This week I challenge you to focus on prioritizing movement, relationships, environment, and general lifestyle activities that help you feel good. This could be your daily TF Studio class, a meditation, a journalling session…whatever it is, try and add in more fulfilling activities to crowd out the ones that don't serve you! Your body & mind will thank you :)

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