Apr 01

Introducing: PILATES — CARDIO

Introducing: PILATES — CARDIO

Introducing your April program, PILATES — CARDIO. 

A new way to sweat & sculpt, while supporting your body & hormones as a woman. This unique way to move alternates between intervals of jump rope and dynamic Pilates to work every inch of your body like never before. If you love cardio in your routine, this is the program for you!


Every Monday & Friday, a new PILATES — CARDIO video will be released. These videos include a jump rope intro to get you familiar with the movement, followed by a mix of exclusive videos that alternate between jump rope and Pilates. Best of both worlds! We will be targeting all of the main muscle groups to strengthen muscles you didn't even know you had. I couldn't be more excited for you to try it!


Join me for a curated 30 day Pilates schedule designed to help you transform from the inside out. This challenge is included in all T — F Studio memberships, just like the PILATES — STRONG challenge. The calendar is carefully curated to help you achieve your fitness goals and results without spending hours in the gym & elevating your cortisol (stress) levels.


Often we think we have to wait for a new year to reset, but that's not true! Every day, week, & month is a new opportunity to align with the version of you that you want to be... that version of you already exists within you, sometimes you just need a little reminder and support! If you've been feeling unmotivated, this is the perfect challenge to create fresh energy and build momentum.


As with all our workouts inside the studio, equipment is always OPTIONAL. However, if you want to take things up a notch, here is a list of the equipment I would recommend: jump rope, ankle weights, pilates ball, pilates ring, booty band, glider discs, weighted ring. You can find links to all the equipment I use as well as additional information about the program on my PILATES — CARDIO highlight on Instagram: @trueform.studio & @tashafranken, as well as at the bottom of this email.


As always, if you aren't able to include jump rope in your workout routine you can opt for a low impact alternative. Just remember to listen to your body, this is your workout, your choice — so do what feels best for you! 

Who's ready for a big transformative April challenge?!