Nov 09



You've heard all about the mental and physical benefits of doing Pilates. How it can improve your strength, flexibility, body image and overall well-being. Yet, you still find yourself choosing HIIT or lifting heavy weights at the gym over Pilates when you “really want to workout”. Or maybe you're still delaying giving your first class a try until next week or the week after. Sound familiar?


Are misconceptions holding you back from incorporating more Pilates into your workout routine and enjoying the full benefits? 


Read below for five common Pilates myths and what we have to say about them!


Myth 1: You Need to Be Flexible to Do Pilates 

Reality: This is one of the biggest myths we hear. Please read this until it sinks in: you don't need to be flexible to do Pilates! In fact, the focus on controlled movement is a great way to increase your flexibility gradually. 


Myth 2: Pilates is Only for Women 

Reality: Pilates is for everyone! In fact, it was originally created by a man and has been enjoyed by all people for decades. Pilates offers a balanced and full-body workout that benefits everyone, regardless of gender. For all the men reading this: trust us, you will feel the burn!


Myth 3: Pilates is Not a “Real” Workout

Reality: Pilates may appear deceptively gentle, but it's a highly effective form of exercise. It focuses on core strength, stability, and muscle endurance. The controlled, precise movements are designed to target specific muscle groups, leading to improved strength and posture. 


Myth 4: You Need Fancy Equipment  

Reality: Mat-based Pilates using your body weight and a simple mat can be incredibly effective. You really don't need anything else! Of course, you can always add equipment to switch up your workout. Check out our store for our range of Pilates equipment.


Myth 5: Pilates Is Only About Abs 

Reality: While Pilates is known for its core-strengthening benefits, it's not just about your abs. Pilates exercises work your entire body, improving strength, flexibility, and balance. We know that sometimes you want to target a specific body part, so we've create a filter in our library so you can choose the perfect workout for you!


We hope this helps! Don't just take our word for it, try it for yourself! .