Jul 02



Today I wanted to talk about one of my most frequently asked questions…FOOD! 

Every single day I get asked to share what I eat and diet advice. While it’s so important to eat well to support your workouts and nourish your body, I’ve really struggled to find a way to share this in a way that feels authentic to me! I come from a background of restrictive eating and obsessive thoughts around food so I’ve been overly cautious on how I want to share nutritional guidance on this platform.

However, I’ve slowly come to the realization that T — F Studio is so much more than just a Pilates movement…it’s a lifestyle, community & so much more. Nutrition and food goes hand in hand with movement. By focusing on your mind - body connection you’re creating balance & strength.

I’ve been taking my time to work on another side of the platform where I can offer nutritional guidance and support in a way that compliments the current 

T — F Studio method. While I can’t share an exact date yet…It’s coming! 🫶🏼

In the meantime, I've been sharing my favorite and go-to staple recipes on my personal Instagram @tashafranken :)